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12 Tips Your Health & Wellbeing Will Love


If you’re seeking to take care of your health and wellbeing all year round, not just for the new year, here are some of my favourite short tips that can make a massive difference. I’m always using them as a traditional acupuncturist with patients aspiring to make a difference in their lives.

There’s only one way to find out if they work! ~Emma xo

1. Practice resting for thirty minutes daily: Try to relax every day because it can massively help to replenish your energy levels. Explore meditation, tai chi, yoga, qi gong, walking or just anything that allows you to rest up for thirty minutes. I love the Viniyoga style due to its authenticity and its person-centred approach.

And often recommend Headspace for anyone new to meditation.

2. Connect with nature: Regularly skipping contact with Mother Nature may not be such a good idea for your health and wellbeing. All year round, I advise patients to spend more time amongst the great outdoors to help clear the cobwebs, especially as we hit the winter and hibernation mode.

3. Eat real whole foods: It’s a good idea to watch your sugar intake or other highly processed food that contain nasty ingredients such as artificial colourings. Instead, eat real whole foods that appear as they are in nature- mainly seasonal fruit and vegetables.But allow for unhealthy treats too because, after all, a little of what you fancy does you a world of good!

4. Make winding down a ritual: Try to switch off from technology an hour before going to bed. Why not… have a bath with essential oils, read a book or your favourite magazine, meditate, light a lovely scented candle or talk with a loved one? It’s necessary to unwind so you can recharge your energy for the following day.

5. Watch your dark green, leafy vegetable intake: In Chinese medicine, dark green, leafy vegetables during the colder months are incredibly important for your nutritional health and overall wellbeing, mainly due to their Blood nourishing properties..Check out my green broth recipe.

6. Look after yourself: It isn’t selfish looking after yourself first. If you are running on empty, it makes utter sense to refuel your tank first so that you can then give to those who are important to you. What better way to spend time with someone when you feel wonderfully topped up!

7. Brighten up your spirit (Shen):  Do things every day to brighten your spirit, referred to as Shen in Chinese medicine. Basically, bring joy and happiness into your life regularly, e.g. dance to music, sing, watch a great movie or see a picturesque sunset.Whatever hits the spot, if it makes you feel good your eyes will sparkle and smile with joy!

8. Watch your cold, raw food intake: Try to look after your digestive health by avoiding foods directly from the fridge, such as iced drinks, or over-eating raw food. Long-term this may weaken your digestion, leading to possible bloating, constipation and other digestive problems.Instead, lightly steam or stir-fry your vegetables to retain their valuable nutrients.

9. Be your intuitive doctor: It might be challenging to detect why you don’t feel quite right in yourself if there’s too much going on in your life, so, check with your GP or proper traditional acupuncturist if you are unsure. Otherwise, listen for any subtle nuances and nip them in the bud early on, e.g. rest if you are overworking or have a cold brewing. Maybe exercise a little if you’re feeling sluggish? Or if you’re overly tired go to bed an hour earlier to recharge.

10. Supplement with magnesium: I think a high-quality magnesium supplement is an incredible natural remedy for stress, sugar cravings, muscle twitches or cramps and much more. However, I’m always cautious about offering any advice related to supplements on this platform so please check with your GP or a qualified nutritionist before taking them.

11. Establish healthy chewing: If you eat quickly, try chewing your food slowly so that your digestive system can do its job correctly. While eating, move away from your desk and avoid eating on the go, typically driving or walking. Try to eat mindfully and take three deep breaths before tasting your food.It’s something worth trying!

12. Dress appropriately for the seasons: When it comes to your clothing, wear appropriate layers according to the seasons.Forget walking around with wet hair during the colder months; it’s about protecting yourself from the elements. Always make sure you keep your hands, feet, back, head and neck warm when it’s cold, wet and damp outside. The result? Possibly fewer colds and less illness.

Please discuss with your doctor or traditional acupuncturist if you have a severe medical condition before trying any of my advice. As with all articles on emmasammels.com, this is no substitution for individual medical intervention. If you are interested in finding out more information, please visit my Bookings page.


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