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4 Tips To Stay Healthy & Energised This Holiday Season

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If you want to stay healthy and energised this holiday season, these insanely easy-to-follow tips are worth gifting yourself or sharing with love- ones. I hope they’re useful reminders and inspire you to start a new decade with vigour, again!

Happy Xmas & New Year.


Don’t forget your vegetables!

Seasonal organic vegetables positively hold a place on anyone’s Xmas plate. We’ve all heard a lot about the benefits of eating them; they’re effective for our gut health, high in fibre and packed full of vitamins and minerals important for the immune system.

But balancing your vegetables this time of year can be a bit tricky and may involve a little extra effort. Try adding seasonal vegetables to your meals that echo the colours of the rainbow like Brussel sprouts, leeks, butternut squash, parsnips and beetroot. There’s nothing quite like the delicious flavours of eating food that’s free from toxins and pesticides.

Next grocery haul, you could also buy a brand new winter vegetable that you wouldn’t normally cook with or order a local organic vegetable box. Who knows, you may even discover a newfound veggie that you love!

Prioritise exercise

Often during the holiday season, our exercise regime falls by the wayside, but it’s important to keep everything ticking over.

Try adding 20-30 minutes of exercise most days, depending on what works best for you. A brisk walk around your local park or in the countryside to jump-start your metabolism is the perfect wellness antidote for this time of year. You could also marry your walk with a nourishing yoga sequence or some upper-body resistance exercises.

In the new year, it’s a good idea to change your exercise regime again where you can look toward exercising in a way that suits your unique constitution and lifestyle.

Prioritise sleep 

Think of sleep as your superhero and setting the stage for the following day, so you wake to feel refreshed and energised.

During the holiday season, your sleep pattern will no doubt ebb and flow between staying up late and having a lie-in. The best of the best has to be the no alarm clock factor- worth plenty of self-indulgence!

A good wind-down ritual is another nice treat. These ideas aren’t revolutionary but do work if you’re in reasonably good health, striving for more sleep and occasionally feel a bit jittery before slumber. To ‘Zen Out’, try taking a relaxing bath, read a calming book or listening to some soothing music. A calming meditation can also work wonders, too.

Another favourite for settling the nervous system before bedtime, which I’ve mentioned before, is magnesium citrate. Many patients I treat are deficient in the mineral magnesium and find taking this supplement incredibly beneficial for easing restlessness and supporting a peaceful night’s sleep.

If you are currently taking any prescribed medication, please consult your GP or a qualified nutritionist before taking any supplements, as they can guide you safely.

Rest more than ever

Focusing on your rest during the holiday season has to be one of the best remedies for leaving you feeling energised and all topped up ready for the new year ahead, so you’re raring to go again.

The ancient Chinese cleverly recognised that frequent rest is an absolute necessity toward our overall health and wellness, particularly when you have been running on empty or overdoing it for a long period of time- often referred to as Kidney Yin deficiency. One of the best ways to nourish your Yin (‘fill up your petrol tank’) is by relaxing lots, eating healthily and generally avoiding overdoing it.

Winter is also a Yin time of year where everything naturally slows down, and nature rests. If you try to follow the natural cycle of this season by slowing down your activities, sleeping and resting well you will hopefully stay healthy and feel energised ready for when spring arrives. (Yay!).

Last, if you really do want to nourish your Yin so you can experience truly being able to rest with ease, I firmly suggest trying some traditional acupuncture. I think you’ll be surprised by its calming and energising effect.

Please discuss with your doctor or traditional acupuncturist if you have a severe medical condition before trying any of my advice. As with all articles on emmasammels.com, this is no substitution for individual medical intervention. If you are interested in finding out more information, please visit my Bookings page.

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