About Emma

Emma Sammels Traditional Acupuncturist

Working in Traditional Chinese Medicine & 5 Element Acupuncture since 2007


I am so glad you are exploring traditional acupuncture- a treatment to indulge your health and wellness.

My goal is to help you to become the healthiest version of yourself, so you can lead an energising and heartwarming life because after all, you only have one-shot!

My Experience

I started my health and wellbeing journey at professional dance college. I then worked as a personal trainer for about a decade, notably starting at Matt Roberts Personal Training in Mayfair, London covering extensive health-related exercise programmes.

Today I’m still a natural health advocate, with an eagerness for traditional acupuncture.

My Approach

I’m enthusiastic about working in all spheres of womens’ health, in particular, fertility treatment and the menopause. My treatments represent true love for traditional acupuncture, wellness advice based on Chinese nutritional therapy and exercise tips to nourish the mind, body or spirit.

It’s my goal acupuncture will bring you lots of joy, and feelings of vibrancy. But, most importantly, I hope your treatments naturally improve your health and wellness!

Free Consultation

To find out more about my treatments, you are welcome to book a free initial consultation via telephone or Zoom to discuss your complaint in more detail.

My training

Emma Sammels BSc (Hons) LicAc MBAc

I graduated as an acupuncturist in 2007 training for four years at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine, one of Europe’s leading universities for the study of acupuncture. The practice developed my extensive understanding of both conventional medical science and Chinese medical theory.

Certified through the British Acupuncture Council (www.acupuncture.org.uk)and Bound by Codes of Ethics and Safe Practice, I strictly follow the safety procedures approved by The Department of Health.

It’s hugely important to me that I am growing as a practitioner. So, I regularly undertake continued professional development to stay up -to- date in the medical field.

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