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Acknowledgments and resounding thanks

My new website has been such an incredible journey. For my first blog post, I just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who has kindly helped me to build a site I am truly proud of.

First and foremost thank you to my colleagues at The London Road Chiropractic Clinic for their encouragement and support.

Thank you heaps to the digital marketer Trudie Thorp. Your help with the structure of my website was very professional and concise, especially when I was suffering from ‘brain fog!’

Thanks also to Julie’s Cycles in Leicester for the loan of the blue Victoria Pendleton bike. It went down a treat for the photos and was admired by several passersby.

Many thanks to Steffan Safhill, the creative director and traditional footwear specialist of the superb Northern Cobbler Shop in Leicester, for inspiring me to embrace a new and exciting website design.

Lastly, thank you to the NINE DOT MEDIA team for their help in putting together a site I truly love. The hard work paid off in the end!

The passion I have for acupuncture wouldn’t burn so brightly were it not for the reward of seeing so many successful results achieved by my patients who have embraced my treatments and had faith in me.

I hope my All about your health blog will encourage you to make positive lifestyle changes in today’s hectic world to help enhance your overall health and improve your quality of life.

I look forward to sharing all of my knowledge with you.

Until next time, stay healthy and well.

Emma Sammels – Traditional Acupuncturist

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