Natural Health


Traditional acupuncture is a system of healthcare based on ancient principles going back nearly 2,000 years.  It is a successful model of natural medicine working on the premise that the body functions as a whole system.

The word ‘energy’, referred to as Qi, is a layman’s term for merely looking at your body’s natural functions. This includes its ability to fight off infection and to take in and absorb sufficient nutrition from your food. The result means having enough energy to lead a happy, well-balanced life.

Illness or symptoms are a ‘wake-up call’ from the body alerting you that something ‘isn’t quite right’. These are signs that the body’s natural flow of energy has become compromised in some way.  It is thought that factors such as emotional stress, poor diet, overworking, family health, weather conditions and infections or injuries can all contribute to ill health.

By inserting needles into specific acupuncture points on the meridian lines, the body’s natural healing process can be stimulated, thus helping to restore good health.

Two pillars of my work

There are different types of acupuncture, but here in Leicester, I combine two popular forms known as 5 Element Constitutional Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), frequently referred to as integration. The 5 Element form focusses on treating your underlying constitution, which brings about a profound sense of wellbeing. The TCM approach is well suited to treating a wide range of physical symptoms.

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