Fertility & Acupuncture


“From conception to treating throughout pregnancy, I have a real passion for fertility and acupuncture.”

If you’re looking for a fertility MOT, I hope I can assist in the process!

Whether you are looking to conceive naturally or with IVF treatment,  I love using traditional acupuncture for fertility wellness. Over the past fourteen years, I have a proven track record of helping many couples to achieve successful pregnancies.

Having a baby is a beautiful and natural process and so when couples face difficulties conceiving it’s no surprise that it can bring on a whirlwind of emotions hindering the process of conception.

Acupuncture is a natural and relaxing way of helping you to deal with what can be a stressful time. Treatment intends to promote your body’s natural healing process to encourage optimum health. In dealing with conception or pregnancy, it’s thought that acupuncture can enhance the balance of hormones, blood circulation and stimulate egg and sperm maturation.


If maintaining your wellness is at the top of your list after giving birth, be sure to try some postnatal acupuncture treatment to boost your overall energy levels and wellbeing so that you can enjoy taking care of your newborn with ease.

For further information about how acupuncture can help with natural or IVF conception, you are welcome to book a free initial consultation via telephone or Zoom, so that we can discuss your fertility concerns in more detail. I can then give you an informed opinion of what to expect from your treatments.


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