“For effective treatments I like to use only a few, well-chosen points”

Your first acupuncture appointment will take approximately two hours at my clinic in Leicester. I will gain a thorough understanding of your main complaint, general health and lifestyle. This involves discussing your current symptoms and medical history as well as your sleeping pattern, appetite, digestion and emotional well-being. Women are also asked about their menstrual cycle, any past pregnancies and childbirth.

I will take your pulses on both wrists and examine your tongue, monitor your blood pressure and also feel for any areas of muscular tension.

Your acupuncture treatment

You will be asked how long you have had your complaint for and details of any associated symptoms. I also need to know about any medication you are taking. Based on the information I will put together your personalised treatment plan, which may include lifestyle or Chinese energetic dietary advice, useful Eastern and Western exercise tips as well as acupuncture.

Treatment frequency

At the beginning one treatment a week is the norm. The change in symptoms or feelings of well-being vary from person to person. This may happen in the first two or three treatments, while chronic conditions often take longer.

As soon as your complaint improves, treatment gaps will be adjusted to suit you. Many people find acupuncture so beneficial that they come for ‘top-ups’ to maintain their energy levels.

Acupuncture isn’t about quick fixes. It may take you several treatments before you start to feel different or notice any changes with your main complaint. However, you could be one of those lucky ones who responds immediately!

Free Consultation

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